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Your Ultimate Guide for your Travel to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka rises from tropical beaches into cool highland regions with rich culture, tea plantations, history and temples. It hangs like a tear-drop from India’s southern tip. It ringed by a chain of palm-fringed beaches. The country practices its gentle beliefs with enthusiasm. It has scared relics and thronged temples.

History lives in the country’s steep, forested hills where Sigiriya, the rock-top fortress, can be seen along with a cluster of historic towns such as Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura.

Guide for your Travel to Sri Lanka

Tea planting is brought to the cool highlands by the colonial era on a massive scale. Travellers can check out bungalows of early British settles while they sit among tea plants, observe pickers at work and working factories.

In order to see elephant and leopard in the wild, there are some national parks overgrown in the country’s tropical climate. The most visited one is Yala. Experienced guides will point out a big variety of brightly-coloured jungle butterflies and birdlife. Lastly, the country has plenty of beaches for beach bums. Choose your beach to fit your taste and the season. You can find quiet beaches as others catch good surfing waves. If you want to have a beach experience that is true to local life, go to the south to see fishermen perching on stilts that are dug into the sand. The following are some of the must-do in your travel to Sri Lanka.

Go the Temple of the Tooth

This relic has seen plenty of wars fought over it. It can be found in Kandy temple complex. Here you can join the devout to offer your own petals and light votive candles.

Guide for your Travel to Sri Lanka1

Take Tea in Nurweya Eliya

Spend time touring neatly-terraced tea estates, purchase your own samples and watch pickers working.

See Leopard in Yala

The alpha predator of Sri Lanka is protected is some national parks. However, it can easily be seen in Yala located on the southern coast of the island where you can choose to cool off on the ocean following your day on safari.

Guide for your Travel to Sri Lanka3

Take a Train

The roads in the country are pretty; however twisty and slow. If you want a less stressful travel experience, go for the rail. A lot of travellers consider the route from Colombo to Nurweya Eliha as the best one.

Climb Sigriya

Sigriya is one of the Seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka which dates back to the 5th century AD. It has more devout atmosphere than war-like. You can get more of this place if you check out uniktour.com.

Guide for your Travel to Sri Lanka2

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