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Why Port Ghalib Is The Best Option For A Luxury Holiday In The Red Sea Riviera

If you are thinking of visiting the Red Sea then you should definitely consider heading over to Port Ghalib Resort as well for the ultimate luxury holiday. Port Ghalib can be found in Marsa Alam along the Egyptian Red Sea Coral Coast on the south and is situated 67kms to the south of Quseir City. Port Ghalib is an international destination on account of it being a leading consolidated resort community of variety, distinction and activity and this is what sets it apart from the rest of the other resorts in the area.

The Port Ghalib resort provides exceptional residential residences and accommodation, a town center that is quite lively, vast sports and marine facilities and a top-notch harbor all of which are set in Egyptian architectural designs rich in history that is up to 7000 years old.Image result for Why Port Ghalib Is The Best Option For A Luxury Holiday In The Red Sea Riviera

The Marsa Alam International Airport is located just a few minutes away from Port Ghalib resort and is served by quite a number of tour operators and airlines from several countries throughout Europe specifically Russia, UK, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

The Port is also accessible via sea through its harbor that has a Customs and Immigration Office and a Harbor Master. You can also access Port Marina through an international road that comes down from Hurghada and Cairo all the way to Marsa Alam.

While in Port Ghalib you can take the chance to experience the wonders that the Red Sea luxury holidays has to offer such as the wide variety of marine activities like banana boat, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and of course scuba diving. Something to note about Port Ghalib would be that it’s licensed as the only marina in the South Red Sea by the Egyptian government where safari boats can make trips directly to several of the world’s, the Red Sea Included, most well-known aquatic parks such as Brother’s Island, Rocky Island, Daedalus Reef and Zabargad Island. If you are a sports fanatic or adventure enthusiast, you can challenge yourself with cycling, a game of tennis or by even taking an exhilarating ride in the safari desert for an ultimate Bedouin experience. For entertainment, a bowling alley is available, not to mention a VIP disco club, an arcade center for the kids and a horse academy.  For those wishing to immerse themselves completely in a relaxed state, the world-famous Six Senses Spa is available for guests to pay a visit.

There are quite a number of outlets for beverages and food in Port Ghalib such as Baskin Robbins, Costa Coffee and Fusion.

Port Ghalib resort currently has 4 hotels operating on it namely The Marina Lodge which is mid-range in price and has 4-star services; not to mention that it is situated near the dock of the Port Ghalib Harbor and is thus a favorite among regional and European divers. The other hotels in Port Ghalib are Siva Port Ghalib, The Palace Port Ghalib and Port Ghalib Resort which are all quite lavish.

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