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Why Key West is the Best for Fishing?

The Florida Keys are famous because of their rich beauty and abundance of fish species. Key West has a special place in the world of fishing because of the huge variety of saltwater fishing and water sports adventures. Different kinds of charters are available in Key West depends on the depth of water. Millions of people daily enjoy inshore and offshore trips every day.

Perks of Inshore Trips

The environment and weather conditions of Key West remain favorable for fishing and sports adventure all over the year. Inshore trips are suitable for families and those who first time getting experience of fishing. The calm water and eye- catching views enrich the trip fun while the presence of the big kind of fish species and marine life impresses every eye and give a peace of mind as well. Grouper, jacks, barracuda, redfish, mackerel, cobia, and permit are some types of famous fish found in the Key West.

However, the list is very long in winter and it’s the best time for those who want to see and catch different types of fish. In Key West, Spring is known as the time of Tarpon Bonanza as the amazing fish gets active in the months of February and March while its jumping acrobats are also worth seeing. Summer is the season of bonefish, permit and tarpon. Tourists use flats fishing charters or electric trolling motors for the trips. The fishing in Key West is really fantastic and people crave for the next visit as they gather amazing memories in the first trip.

Perks of Offshore Trips

The credit of introducing offshore fishing goes to Ernest Hemingway. It lets you an opportunity to sit in a fighting chair or willing to view pelagic species from very close then offshore fishing is the best option. Similarly, you can go for reef and enjoy the delicious marine food. King fish is the first choice of every angler in winter while one can see blackfin tuna and bonita in the deep sea while the beach water abounds of grouper, snapper, and vertical jigs in the winter season.

Summer is really a fantastic season as it comes up with dolphin which is known as the most prolific fish in the ocean. The scene becomes eye-catching when sun rays illuminate the radiant colors of the fish and people get amazed to see the view from the boat. Similarly, Spring season brings sailfish. However, the presence of many other species takes the beauty at the next level. It’s the most appropriate time for those who are looking for scamps and groupers.

Tourists Attractions

Apart from inshore and offshore trips, there are various other tourist attractions like water sports adventures, i.e. parasailing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, and fishing. Similarly, the availability of charters in the keys takes the comfort and fun level at its peak. Flats fishing, reef fishing, wreck fishing, and deep sea fishing are some types of charters which one finds in Key West. Moreover, luxurious restaurants, playgrounds, bars and concerts make is a great place to visit.

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