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What to wear for a morning jog

If you are a new runner, you might be wondering what you should wear during a morning jog. One of the things we love about jogging is that you don’t need any expensive running clothing. The essential item you need to get started are some good running shoes.

1.Running Sneakers

Try to avoid old running shoes that don’t fit your foot right because this can be one of the biggest causes of running injuries. You need fresh shoes that are specially designed for running. Choose a pair of sneakers that will fit well and match your foot type. Try to go to a sports specialty store, where experts can assist you and help you get the right pair. They will make the best recommendations for you.


2.Running Clothes

When you just started running you don’t need to rush in buying expensive running clothing. Just wear comfortable clothes that will let your skin breathe. Women should wear a good supportive sports bra. The sports bra should fit properly and not to be too tight. Most sports bra need to be replaced after you washed them a lot, because the elasticity get loosen. When you go on your morning jog be careful not to overdress. Once you warm up, your body heat will make you feel warmer.

3.Extreme Temperatures

When it is super hot outside add running sunglasses, that are designed to block the UVA and UVB rays. When it is cold, wear a fleece hat, a vest and gloves. On snowy days pick water-resistant pants and running shoes. Water-resistant materials are designed in three layers, one that protects you from wetness, the middle layer keeps you warm and the layer closer to your body will make your skin feel comfortable at the right temperature.

What to avoid:

  • Cotton socks, because when your feet will get hot and sweaty, the wetness can cause blisters.
  • Fun sneakers that look great with jeans, but they are not professional running shoes.
  • Low intensity sports bra isn’t going to offer you the support you need. If you don’t wear the right sports bra it can cause breast injury and back pain.

Always before you hit the road, check the weather so you could choose the right materials that are lightweight, breathable, made from synthetic fabrics that help moisture evaporate.

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