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Vietnam – a unparalled beauty of the Indochina

Exotic locations and compelling beauty of nature draws various tourists to Vietnam. Vietnam houses various heritages that forms surprise for the enthusiastic visitors who visit the country throughout the year.  There are various adventure sports which require some physical efforts and various festivals that call for participation while one visits Vietnam through a North Vietnam Travel company. The pomp and show of the religious festival with colorful procession will draw attention of all.

Myanmar is regarded as the extraordinary land with secrets to unfold with every single visit to the temple complexes and archaeological wonders that is flocked by millions of tourist all-round the year. There were various areas regarded as off-limits which are newly opening up. The smiling folk and the rich cultural heritage is the warm welcome to the country. Festivals celebrated here are worth participating.


  • Mui Ne fishing village:

The town of Mui Ne is impressive with its beaches. This picturesque village is famous for colorful fishing boats and river canyon walk including the visit to white sand dunes. The view of sunrise and sliding down the dunes are two exciting adventures to bag while visiting Vietnam.

  • Motorbike Ride:

To visit and explore the visit the countryside one needs to rent a motorbike to travel north to south of the country. The countryside is really beautiful and it requires   the attention of the backpackers. To visit picturesque landscapes in Vietnam choose a Harley Davidson to ride along the hilly tracts and visit the country’s mystic beauty.

  • Temple marvels:

The Imperial Citadel is the major attraction that stops an individual at Hue. One can also spend a whole day visiting the Tombs of Emperors which suffers no devastation from the pages of history. This is the place where an individual can come across pristine and Aesthetic Buddhist Architecture. All this will keep you rapt with all and wonder with gazing eyes.

Mai Chau Trekking Tours could be arranged as well. This makes the people bag an outstanding experience.

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