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Ultimate luxury in Sri Lanka

While the tourism industry in Sri Lanka caters to travelers on a restricted budget, they also focus on the tourist market looking to have an extremely luxurious holiday in Sri Lanka. In all corners of the country, there are some of Asia’s finest five star and boutique hotel properties for tourists to indulge in high standards of comfort and service.

To begin your Sri Lanka luxury holidays in style, you can choose to parade around the country in an air taxi, which will not only make you feel like you are literally on top of the world, but will also give you an unmatchable bird’s eye view of the ‘pearl of the Indian ocean’. Include a minimum of two nights at a few of the most luxurious hotels around the country to sample these unique resorts while exploring the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka luxury holidays typically include an itinerary that involves:

  • Relaxation on the exotic beaches of tangalle in the South or Arugam Bay in the East coast
  • Experience the luxury of the ‘southern riviera’ where luxury camping in Yala is the highlight
  • Visit to the hill country and a unique tea plucking experience
  • Teeing off on one of the beautiful golf courses owned by the island

To add to your Sri Lanka uxury holidays, you can avoid the bumpy roads and use the alternative expressways to travel to your destinations towards the south of the island. Most of the up-market boutique hotels are located in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. As for your journey to the hill country, it can be made more luxurious by choosing to travel on the luxury carriages that operate on express trains going to those areas. Since these carriages are very popular with tourists, early bookings are highly recommended in order to guarantee sear reservations. This train journey not only lets you travel in style but gives you a breathtaking view of the gorgeous mountains, tea plantations, waterfalls and much more.

Blue Lanka Tours are popular for providing exciting and memorable Sri Lanka luxury holidays for tourists wanting to travel in ultimate luxury. Because of their long experience in the industry and strong bonds with many luxury hotels around the island who offer them great rates for accommodation, they make Sri Lanka luxury holidays affordable for all.

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