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Traveling to Marmaris, where the night is always young.

As states, this town of Turkey with 28,000 inhabitants and becomes a town of  250,000 people in the tourist season. There should not be any surprise in how attractive this city is. Marmaris, the town along the Mediterranean coast isn’t calmingly beautiful; rather it is in your face kind of a town! Marmaris is extraordinarily busy, crowded, and it is the extreme extrovert of cities!

A town by the coasts

You just know the first thing you got to do when you arrive here! Marmaris proudly presents you a neat, tidy and green beach. Sitting in the esplanade lined by palm trees can be one of the highlights of your total visit to the place. It is amazing how they have maintained the beach with almost nobody to bother you during your stay!

While the waves dancing on the shore calm you down, Marmaris does not fail to remind you the bold sound of 200,000 troops of King Suleiman marching down the top of the hilltop now known as the Marmaris hilltop Castle. This castle gives you a tour to the archeological finds such as tombstones, figurines and also the remaining from the shipwreck in Marmaris bay which can be found inside in the small museum.3

Along with that, you can go full crazy clubbing in the elegant and luxury bars and pubs where you can dance till your heels break and groove till your ears ache from the loud music. And if you love partying, Marmaris is definitely the city you should be visiting!

Just opposite the clubs, you will find the Grand Bazaar of Marmaris with over 1000 shops connected by covered walkways and alleys. So, people who love a good bargain with plenty (literally) of options to choose from, your heaven is right here! The products are such high-quality replicas, authentic, handmade and they are sold for an amazing price. 

No, Marmaris is not just for party and shopping lovers, it also offers families’ Marmaris Activities where you can go sailing, or join Marmaris Boat Trip for the day and visit  around the bays where all is inclusive of food and drinks at inexpensive deals.

Getting around

The best option for getting around would be taking the minibuses; you can easily recognize them by the color of the bands. Marmaris Dolmus minibuses have green bands, Icmeler’s have orange and Armutalan have a blue band across them. They are cheap, comfortable and drop you wherever you ask them to stop. They pick you up if you wave at them from the side of the roads. 

Marmaris has an exciting nightlife, but spending a day on the yachts can also be thrilling. You can stay at the luxurious hotels or at the standard ones, you can dine out and drink a lot, or give your taste buds an amazing trip at the beach’ restaurants – however, Marmaris does not lose its magnificent beauty and appeal. It is the city to fall in love with and you are welcome! Happy Traveling!

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