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Travel and Hospitality – The Technological Changes as told by Steve Farzam

Moving forward from the times when travel meant long hours in the offices of travel agents who were inundated with backlogs of stranded travelers because of confusions or misunderstandings in the booking process and no clear way to rectify any of those confusions, the travel and hospitality has embraced the advantages of technology and the internet is perhaps the most visible way.

As per Steve Farzam, the nature of the industry opens up limitless possibilities of use of technology, the most common being the propulsion of online travel portals that aim to place control of travelling arrangements solely in the hands of the user. As such, since the travel network is a massively universal operation with the involvement of multiple companies and parties in a single transaction, the field requires a very high level of technology that can complement and encourage clarity of records, access and changes without the hassles of excessive maneuvering and dead end IVR phone calls.Steve Farzam

As such, there are many companies too that offer various solutions that are perfect for travel and hospitality companies because of their understanding of the dynamics of the industry and the technological needs that need to be fulfilled. Also, since the inception of these technological changes makes the industry far more clear and accessible, there is a wide scale need for tools and solutions that can optimize and promote individual websites and offers.

Steve Farzam Shore Hotel bio has a mention about how hospitality industry needs some technological changes too. Like for example, not many hotels had a website earlier, but now almost every hotel or a resort has its own website and many of them also offer bookings online. This way there are also able to provide easy booking options for their guests and thus improving their sales too.

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