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Top Six Underwater Attractions in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory, comprised of three islands in the western Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman, the largest island is famous throughout the world for its beach resorts as well as its varied snorkelling sites.  There are more than 200 dive sites which you can explore and add to your list of things to do while in Cayman.

The sister islands, which comprise of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are also an ideal destination for any traveller. Cayman Brac is popular for deep sea fishing and is home to around 50 dive sites. Moreover, Little Cayman, which is the smallest of the three islands, is famous for its diverse wildlife and is also home to the Blue Iguana – an endangered reptile.

There are many activities to do in the Cayman Islands, as all these three islands boast of spectacular terrestrial locations, sites, and tourist spots. Cayman visitors will surely be awestruck by the underwater beauty and the various spectacles that these islands have to offer. So, let’s add exploring underwater activities as Cayman Islands things to do and take a look at some of the best underwater sights in the world.

  1. Wreck of the Kittiwake

The Kittiwake was a former Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ship that was in service in from 1945 to 1994. Her most memorable duty was in the recovery of the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster. The ship was eventually decommissioned and towed to Cayman waters where she was triumphantly sunk on January 5th, 2011. This ship is situated in a Marine Park which is governed by Cayman Law.  This wreck is now a dynamic environment for marine life and many species of marine life which includes squirrelfish, rare sponges, urchins, Goliath groupers and others.  This wreck has become a popular site for experienced divers as well as beginners.

Cayman Islands
Wreck of the Kittiwake, Grand Cayman
  1. M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts

Yet another celebrated shipwreck is that of Keith Tibbetts, which a 330 foot Russian Brigadier Type II frigate. This ship was sunk in 1996 by the Cayman Islands government to create an artificial reef and a recreational dive site attraction. This wreck is also home to over 100 species of fish and coral, as well as home to thousands of colourful Grouper and Grunts. This is an extremely awe-inspiring site located in Cayman Brac.

M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts, Cayman Brac

  1. Bloody Bay Wall (Little Cayman)

This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful drop-offs situated in the Caribbean. According to many dive travellers, this coral wall is one of the seven underwater wonders. This formation begins at a relatively shallow depth of just around 22 to 30 feet but falls away to depths of 1,000 feet. This wall is home to some of the most exotic sponges in the world. The platinum-yellow tube sponges that intersperse the cliff only grow on Little Cayman and adjoining Cayman Brac walls. Besides, the Bloody Bay Wall is home to many other different types of sponges such as emerald-green tube sponges, heart-shaped azure blue vase sponges, and various exotic species of fish.

  1. Amphitrite Statue

This is a 9-foot tall, 600-pound bronze mermaid statue, located at Sunset Reef, in 55 feet of water off Grand Cayman. It provides a fun background for divers who love to pose by the statue for some great photos. This sculpture was created by 42-year old Canadian artist Simon Morris. She is officially named Amphitrite, Siren of Sunset Reef.  Placed in the reef in October 2000, it is the world’s most visited single dive destination.

Amphitrite Statue, Sunset Reef
  1. Guardian of the Reef Statue

This is yet another sculpture created by Simon Morris which was placed underwater to promote scuba diving tourism and spread environmental awareness.  On April 14th, 2015, this casting was placed on a reef that lies in front of LightHouse Point in West Bay, Grand Cayman by Divetech. This statue has proved to be a runaway success, being visited by thousands of divers since its placement.

Guardian of the Reef, West Bay
  1. Cayman National Park (Submarine Night Dive)

A good way to see the creatures and the colours of the sea at night around Cayman is to go for a Family Submarine Tour Special that takes you for a dive in the Cayman National Marine Park. On this submarine cruise you will get to look at the amazing underwater beauty of fish and spectacular corals during night time. You get to see a myriad of life that is normally not visible during the daytime.

Submarine Night Dive, Cayman Islands


The fun and excitement of exploring underwater around the Cayman Islands does not end here. Nearly every tourist or visitor to the Cayman Islands has a unique story to tell about how exciting their Caribbean adventure was. Let’s hope you enjoy your Cayman underwater expedition to your complete satisfaction!

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