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TOP 12 Parks in Toronto: High Time to Go!

You and your Toronto! The excellent park system is widely thought as one of the famous city views. It does not matter, what kind of park you are going to visit, big or small – each of them is full of secret places, weather you do it for funny game or relaxation. Toronto is full of parks! The city gives you an opportunity to draw a true meaning of the world through the beauty of nature, in the open air. You do not even need leaving the city!
If you are sport lover, you can go cycling, running, walking or skating in the city parks: Toronto provides the essential respite from the busy clatter of the city. You can find a great many places for your family picnic or friend meetings. Their comfortable position and availability of free parking makes the city parks worth visiting at any time.

High Park
This is the biggest city park. It is also more than perfect place for leisure and all cultural diversions. The park territory is about 161 ha. You can be impressed by the garden architecture and art, including the drowned gardens, greenhouses and perennials. The service is prefect, conforming to all parameters of a big city park. There is also an open-air theatre, where the Shakespeare festival takes place every year.

Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo is the main Zoo in the whole country, world-famous of its interesting and multi-faceted excursions and contribution to the nature conservation. This is a unique collection of wild plants and animals, inspiring ideas and preservation of the environment. Zoo is situated in the picturesque Rouge Valley. You can get there by car or by bus.
The world of animals is represented by 5 000 animals of more than 460 forms. More than 1, 2 million visitors come here every year. Simply saying, Toronto Zoo is one of the biggest in the world. It is divided into 6 zoo-geographic areas. They are Indo-Malaysia, Africa, America, Australia-Asia, Eurasia, and Canada.


Zellers Discovery Zone is a place, where you can dip into the world of wild nature all together with your kids. You can find everything necessary here, including Kids’ Zoo territory, Splash Island, andWaterside Theatre. This is, probably, one of the best places for your family rest.
Are you hungry? Welcome to the local Peacock Cafe, where you can taste some hot appetizers, or Africa Restaurant. By the way, it is not difficult to find a place to eat in the Zoo territory: Americas Restaurant, Simba Safari Lodge, Simba Patio, and Beavertails with their famous “hot cookies”. There is also a great amount of the souvenir shops.

Canadian National Exhibition
Canadian National Exhibition is not only a right place for entertainment, but the country national achievement. The exhibition territory is always full of people, actively participating in the cultural and other events. Bright and exciting shows with the pyrotechnic tricks are worth visiting. The younger kids are welcomed in the special zone – Kidsworld Pavillion, where they can see clowns, puppet theatre and many other entertainments.

Casa Loma
This is the house-castle. It was built in 1911-1914. The chic house consists of 98 rooms and 28 fire places. Walking the castle, you can meet the roomy halls, cozy libraries, bathrooms and original living-rooms. What a beautiful sight! Do not miss a Green House and Patio Garden that are full of secrets.

Colborne Lodge
Colborne Lodge is a chic villa of 19th century. This historical building was conducted with the honorable aim to establish a new village on this place. This idea had no success and the house was presented to the city government. In our days, Colborne Lodge is considered to be a beautiful historical oasis in the very heart of a High Park.


Black Creek Pioneer Village
This is a park zone that is widely thought as an open-air museum. Simply saying, this is a little village of 19th century with all characterized features: public buildings, houses, people, dressed in the national costumes. You can watch the work of hammerer, shoemaker, and visit a historical museum. Visiting this place, you can put your matters on ice and enjoy yourself. Actually, you need no less than 2-4 hours to learn everything around.

Ontario Place
This is a huge entertaining center with the water hills, play grounds and cafes. You have a chance to watch the spectaculars of music groups, theatres, and many others interesting events. There is also a cinema with the semispherical screen to watch the non-fiction films.

A big park in the Centre Island attracts people’s attention more than often. It was rebuilt from the old village, giving a unique opportunity to learn everything about the ancient farmers in details. You can make pictures just at the old tractor, driving the old car, or locomotive. Along with that, you can play mini-golf and ride on a merry-go-round, having fun to the full. Try to eat in one of the numerous restaurants – everything is naturally tasty.


Hockey Hall of Fame
This is not only popular, but honorable place among tourists: if you are not a hockey-lover, you are also welcomed here! This is a unique combination of a hockey museum and exciting attractions. The halls are decorated with the sport awards, reflecting the history of the world-popular games from all over the world. Your kids can take a crack at being goaltenders, attacking players or sport commentators.

This is a world-popular entertainments park, created by Paramount Producing Studio. There is a big choice of attractions, concerts, shows. The territory is also famous of the biggest flowing water-pool in the world.


Ontario Science Centre
This is an amazing world of the sciences and technology: more than 800 exhibition halls welcome their visitors to meet and touch the exhibit items, participating in the most interesting investigations. The exhibition covers such life spheres as botanic, physics, chemistry, ecology, physiology, and all popular kinds of sports. There is also a unique chance to visit Omnimax cinema, equipped with the hemispheric screen and special armchairs.

Riverdale Farm
The amazing place that is situated in Toronto city district is called Cabbagetown. It cannot be described as just a farm with the domestic animals. There are many ancient buildings and unique things of a farm living here. Visiting special lectures, you can find more information about farm tricks. Halloween is a season of festivals! Your kids will be glad to meet different aspects of animals keeping.

Just be given to the delicious fragrances of parks and gardens! Toronto cannot be stopped from conducting the huge area of the city parks, providing the wide range of programs and services for people of all ages and possibilities. Look around! The big part of people is enjoying of active and health way of living. Visiting Toronto with kids or having more than active touristic program, it is better to hire a car to arrive just in time to see everything. There are many places in Toronto, where tourists used to visit every day. It is not realistic to see all of them in one day.

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