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Things to Look Forward at Full Moon Party Thailand

All the fun and crazy things you have ever heard about a full moon party are much less than what you actually experience while being a part of it. It is when you step into the party that you realize that whatever you read online or was told by people was nothing but an understatement of what a full moon party can provide for you.

You see groups of friends, families and couples enjoying a splendid time in each other’s company and dancing to the most wonderful music. Full moon parties are not only about enjoying the sight of the full moon in a beach or jungle but also provide an opportunity to enjoy various activities while spending some quality time with your favorite people.

Even if you are traveling alone, be prepared to make amazing new friends from the 40,000 party animals present there because full moon parties are all about mingling in and having an ultimate party experience.


Following are some of the most enjoyable activities that you can look forward to while being a part of the full moon party:

Body Painting:

There are numerous stalls set up in the party and some of them provide the body painting services. If you truly want to gain the essence of a full moon party and want the image of a full moon being painted on your body then head to this stall. Get some amazing artwork done and show that you have just become a part of the most amazing party on Earth.

Jump Rope:

This is highly dangerous so only people who have the guts and ability to do are allowed to enjoy this activity. It is about jumping from a rope that is on fire. It sounds a lot of fun because the viewers find it very eccentric to see someone doing such a stunt but it is not for everybody. Most of the people can only enjoy while seeing others do it.

Food Stalls:

There is a wide variety of food stalls that are available so you can enjoy some amazing food throughout the night. Treat yourself with pizzas, burgers, and some traditional Thai food and energize yourself to party for the rest of the night.

Cheap Alcohol:

You can get your hands on some cheap alcohol which means that partying will not be heavy on your pocket. The drinks are available at cheaper rates but this does not mean that it is necessary for you to pass out before midnight. The whole night is there for you to enjoy, so keep your alcohol intake reasonable.

Amazing Music and Fantastic Dancers from all around the World:

The DJ’s will definitely make you fall in love with them by playing some of the best music from around the world. Nothing can make you stop from grooving to the catchiest tunes and showing the other tourists some moves that they will definitely copy in a party back home.

Do not forget to get your hands on the full moon t-shirts and some amazing neon lights before you leave the party so the ultimate experience stays with you for the rest of your life.

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