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The Bucket List for Solo Travelers

There will hardly be anyone who won’t say yes to travel. Everyone loves it and it deserves to be loved. In fact, exploring the beautiful nature, ancient man made architectures and modern building is something that entices the young and old alike and maybe that’s why, we all make a bucket list of travelling every year. Even if you are not a travel enthusiast, there are few places that will make you become one. Beaches, ancient towns, islands etc. are some of the hotspots where everyone feels like going and resting.

Now, when we are talking about traveling, then solo travelling is always a smart choice. How and why? Pack your bags, go through the list of best islands to visit or something else of your choice, pick your destination and read this to know what it means to be a solo traveler and how it is something you should do before you die!


Lack of a comfort zone creates better experiences

When you travel solo, leaving the comfort and protective social bubble of your friend and family group travel, you are surly going to be yourself, new and unbounded. Without knowing anything, you will be forced to a new environment around you. You will have to ask the people about what is best there, what are the best beaches to visit, what are the best islands to go for and more. Ask direction, face people, use museums, coffee shop and talk about your travel plans with someone else.

Memorable Experience

The experience you get while travelling is unmatched and memorable. You will learn new language and phrases, food preference of the locals, what is in and what is forbidden in their culture, and more. You will also get to know the new option for eating, drinking or wearing. Travelling on your own makes it easier for you to seek local’s advice as you can converse with another person, listen, learn and enjoy without over thinking.

The money you save

 Choosing a spot like beaches, islands to visit and staying up in a budget hotel helps you to save a lot instead of picking up world class destination and staying at 5 star hotel. You are least likely to enjoy or found a companion.

You get your own choice without worrying about your uncomfortable friends and family.

Your independence will shine.

 Traveling solo affords a special kind of independence that is going to stay with you long after the trip has ended.  You don’t need to tell or report where you are going, which street is correct, what the local culture dictates you and what is interesting. You can get exactly what your want and that is another great experience. Be confident while walking and never  give someone a reason to think of you as a vulnerable identity.

You NEVER have to compromise!

 You don’t need to visit all the landmarks just because your wife or bestie wants to. Explore something new and spend your entire day wandering, reading books, trying new wine or beer and still alive. Instead of going on with a group of tourists, choose buses to travel and know the people.

Your trip. Your choice!

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