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Six New Ways to Enjoy Melbourne

Are you tired of monotony and want to do something different this weekend? When you get into a routine, you also get into a rut. Life can seem quite dull if you don’t change things up a little every now and then. You may not have the money or time to go on a mini vacation, but there are plenty of things you can do right where you are.

Eat Out

Ordering in or cooking at home can get boring because you eat the same old things every time. Go out and try something new, like Miss Chu Melbourne, which has a unique menu of Thai and Vietnamese food. It’s open every day, and you can go there for a full course meal or just for a sweet dessert treat. It’s something exotic for your tastebuds, and novelty is the spice of life.

Enjoy Melbourne

Learn New Things

A good way to keep things fresh is to learn something new, especially a language. You’ll not only be getting some novelty in your life, but you’ll also be exercising your brain and mind. Challenging yourself with the task of learning new things or mastering a new skill gives you the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment.This will be something you’ve done on your own volition, unlike work responsibilities.

Go Swimming

Swimming will make for a nice change of pace, especially in summer time. Melbourne’s beaches are the best in world. Become a member at the local pool and head over there at least every couple of weekends. It’s a good way to stay fit, and an even better opportunity to get some relaxation. You could go with the family and make it feel like a mini holiday.


If you want to relax indoors, you can always find a few do-it-yourself projects to put your creativity into.Maybe not so much fixing up the house as making something new to add to it. It could be a birdhouse for the garden, or perhaps a needlepoint decoration for the living room. It may not be as exciting as some of the other ideas on the list, but it is a creative outlet, and you can put it to good use too.


Life tends to be way too busy to allow you some solitary downtime. Taking a walk by yourself first thing in the morning is a good way to relax and get some time to yourself. The fresh morning air, even in the city, will make you feel as good as new after a long hard week of work.There’s actually scientific research that shows how taking regular walks increases your lifespan and improves the functioning of your brain. If you feel like making it a bit challenging, you could take a couple of small hand weights with you and get a bit of exercise in too.


Speaking of exercise, another good way to refresh your body and mind is to take a bike ride. You can join a cycling group in your area or make it a family outing, if you came to Melbourne for vacation, just borrow and join Australians.You could also just enjoy a solitary trip out of the house. You’ll find yourself feeling healthier and happier almost immediately.

Try out a few of these things the next time you’re feeling bored on a weekend. Combine one or two of them every now and then too, like walking to the tuck shop for lunch. You’ll break the monotony and have a good time.

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