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Places To Go Shopping in Key Largo

For some people, not all, part of going on vacation is going shopping. If nothing else, most of us want to pick up some piece of memorabilia to remind us of our vacation forever, while others simply enjoy seeing what shops in different corners of the world have to offer. For either type of person, Key Largo offers plenty of cool and hip places to go shopping. Whether you want to spend a day shopping or just pick up a souvenir, here are a few of the shopping hot spots you can visit in Key Largo.

Largo Cargo

This is a cute and charming shop that has a large selection of t-shirts to take home with you, and much more. If you find yourself on vacation in need of a new pair of shorts or a Panama hat, this is the place to go. You can also pick up flags, jewelry, key lime products, and all kinds of ocean-themed glasses, all of which would make great presents for your friends and family back home.


Captains Imports

This is not a tacky gift shop or a place to find traditional souvenirs; Captains Imports is where you go to find something a little more special to help you remember your Key Largo vacation. The store sells statues of marine animals, delightful pottery, beautiful pieces of art, and a whole lot more. This is not where you go if you’re looking for something cheap and simple, but it’s a wonderful store to check out if you want to leave Key Largo with something more substantial, or if you just want to spend some time browsing around a cool store.

Florida Keys Gift Co.

This gift shop may not look like much on the outside, but inside it’s stacked with goodies. Of course, there are the traditional items like t-shirts, postcards, and hats, but there is so much more. Walk into Florida Keys Gift Co. and you’ll be instantly amazed at how much stuff there is and the variety of brands they offer. You can spend hours in this store and still not see everything they have, so if you love shopping and can’t get enough of island-themed apparel and knick-knacks, you’ll want to pay Florida Keys Gift Co. a visit.

Pink Junktique

This is another place that’s not exactly designed for tourists looking for a t-shirt that informs the world that they’ve visited Key Largo. Instead, it’s one of the best consignment shops in the Florida Keys, offering vintage clothing and jewelry, among other things. Pink Junktique also has a unique selection of kitchen supplies that are worth checking out; even if you’re not in the market for something, there’s a good chance you’ll find something you’ll like and want to take home.

Shell World

Last but not least there is Shell World, which is the perfect place to buy seashells and t-shirts to bring back to your friends and family. The prices are right just in case you spent a little too much on dinner your first night in Key Large or decided to spring for a fishing charter excursion. Both the store and selection are enormous, so you can spend hours there and eventually find something you can’t live without. Paying a visit to Shell World is the best way to ensure you don’t end your Key Largo vacation without a souvenir.

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