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Important Tips to Earn Extra Frequent Flier Miles without Signing-up for Credit Card

It is a dream of several people to go for a vacation to exotic locations like Paris, Milan, Sydney, Greece or Las Vegas. And there are some people who wish to visit their relatives in foreign countries but are not able to achieve their dreams because they don’t want to or rather can’t afford to pay for the expenses. No matter, if you are a travel enthusiast or if you want to travel just for the one-off expedition, you can travel for free and make your travel dreams come true.

You may hear of the magical frequent flyer miles that are offered by the various credit companies in return for subscribing for their credit card. However, you can earn free miles even without signing up for any credit card program. Intrigued to know how? Here are a few tips that will greatly help you to earn frequent flyer miles and travel for free:


Take surveys

Make some productive use of your spare time and look for those online marketing surveys that offer your free frequent flyer miles. It would be a wise idea to first figure out your travel plan and decide on the destination that you want to travel to. Once you have that in place you can use the jpmiles calculator to exactly know the number of miles you would need in your account to travel free and then accordingly focus your free miles earning activities.

Do online shopping

Yes, you heard it right; you can earn a lot of free flying miles just by shopping things online. However, the free miles will be available only at certain stores; you need to look for the stores that are associated with the airlines companies. Also, today several airline companies have their own online shopping portals; you can earn bonus miles for free every time you shop at these stores. Although it would take a few extra minutes to locate the store, it surely won’t have to pay any additional charges for your purchases.

Keep your eyes and ears open on social media

Today, almost all the airline companies and hotel chains often run various promotional offers on the social media platforms. For instance, you may be asked to view a certain video and like their Facebook page and in return, you will get some bonus miles. If you are already a social media user, this should be a cakewalk for you. Look for the different offers from the airlines and follow their page on Facebook, blog and Twitter to get updated about their latest offerings. You can even consider subscribing to the airlines newsletter and/or RSS feeds.

Travel, Travel, Travel

This may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but still many people do not take full advantage of this method for earning the bonus free miles. Every time you fly to any place makes sure that you put in your frequent flyer number. Also, do a bit of research on the airline partnerships so that you don’t miss out on the change to earn those free miles. For instance, if you are flying by Jet Airways, you can still earn free miles for Etihad Airways since they are partners. Just put in your frequent flyer number correctly while booking your tickets and earn those free bonus miles.

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