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Mountains Beyond the Clouds: Capturing the Magic and Splendour of Skiing and Mountaineering Adventures

A new photo project is on the way that seeks to capture the magic and excitement of skiing vacations. London-based photographer Tim Hall has spent the last 8 years capturing images of breathtaking landscapes during a journey across the Alps between Chamonix and Cortina, and is finally ready to showcase his work. He intends to do this via a photo book containing 150 stunning images, and a series of exhibitions. His photos are part homage to the 18th Century artists who took the Grand Tour, and part quest to discover what has made these famous mountains and resorts so popular over the past 100 years. They capture the otherworldly quality of the dramatic scenery that they depict, and portray skiing as an awe-inspiring union of man and nature.


Hall is an accomplished photographer, who has taken photos all over the world for Conde Naste Traveller, The Huffington Post, and The Sunday Times. He also sells his work to collectors and galleries worldwide, including those in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and Zurich. According to him, each photo represents an adventure that he has taken, with him journeying across mountains on skis in search of the perfect shot.


The book will contain words by Sophie Benge and philosophical quotes about mountains by famous writers such as Robert Macfarlane, John Ruskin and John Muir. It’s scheduled for release in September 2016. Hall is seeking to fund the project via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It’s already creating quite a stir within the artistic community, with arts dealer Ivor Braka praising Hall for his ‘awareness of the alien and magnificent power of the natural world’, and filmmaker and fashion designer Willy Bogner stating that he is ‘impressed and excited about [Hall’s] unique ability to portray skiing in his own very distinctive way.’ This looks like something that will appeal to fans of af winter adventure holidays and world-class photography alike.

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