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Interesting Options to Stay In Goa That Guarantee Unforgettable Experience

Goa – the name reverberates carefree life, lots of tourists and tons of celebrations all around. Though this interesting place, inhabited by Portugals in the past, has received a lot of flak in the recent times due to increased notorious activities, its craze among the tourists refuse to dwindle down. Goa is a city of people with hospitable nature and the same hospitality is seen among the hotel crew of Cicada De Goa, a plush hotel located in Vainguinim Beach. You can find a number of lodges and hotels there, but try these too for an absolutely delightful experience.

Beach resorts

Goa hotels mostly are located in the south part of the city and may require you to travel considerably longer distances for reaching the mesmerizing beaches. So, instead of hotel, try to book a beach resort that helps you appreciate the beauty of beaches which Goa is famous for. A number of beach resorts have an itinerary of sports and other activities such as motor-boating, beach sports, para-gliding etc. All of these help you savor the true essence of Goa.

Sheds and Guest HousesImage result for Sheds and Guest Houses in goa

Yes, you read it correct! If you want to make your Goa trip adventurous, you can choose staying in sheds. These sheds are owned by the local residents and offer all requisite necessities for a lone traveler or a group of carefree travelers to have an awesome experience. A variety of cultural programs are held at sheds and you can be a part of bar-be-cues, late night parties and bikers group too, to avoid heavy pricing of hotels. Guest houses are also developed on the same lines and allow you to understand and experience Goa lifestyle better.

Govt. approved hotels and lodges

A number of govt. approved hotels and lodges speck the Goa city. These hotels and lodges are quite reasonably priced and if you are planning to stay almost whole of the day at the beach (something which is quite likely to happen); it is better to check into these places of stay and spend the saved money in some other activities. While travelling in large group of 10 to 15, it is advisable to get the booking done in advance though.

Goa is the ultimate destination for fun and rejuvenation and is a nice pretext for making long-lasting memories that are sure to stay etched in your hearts all the life. Enjoy the visit to the fullest by planning and a dash of adventure.

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