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Insider Tricks: How Expert Planners Bring Events to Life

In the industry of event organizing, the number one goal of planners is to bring together two things in one place: people and purpose. Planners hold on to this objective regardless of the kind of occasion they are going to set up, and in order to achieve this, they need to be highly strategic in all aspects, from finding the right venue to the other elements that will make sure that their target participants will be engaged with the purpose of their attendance in the event.

But how do event planners make sure that they are able to hit this objective? Below are some useful pieces of advice:

  1. Settle on one specific purpose.

When working on an event, the first thing you have to settle on is a purpose. Why are you holding an event in the first place? You may come up with a list of reasons, but at the same time all these point to only one purpose. If the purpose of your event is to celebrate a birthday or a successfully closed business deal, then work on those causes. This way you have an overall guide on planning your event.

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  1. The venue should represent your purpose.

Finding the right venue for an event is one of the most difficult tasks to complete, but once you’ve found the place to host your activity, it would be easier for you to arrange everything else.

If you are organizing a wedding, this means that you have to hold the event at a festive venue-the kind that can represent the wedding celebration. You may have to scout for a venue rental in Singapore with romantic setups, such as gardens, function rooms with a good view of the cityscape, or an open-air area that can be decorated with the wedding motif. On the other hand, if you are hosting a seminar, then you may have to hold it in a more formal setting, as your objective is to give your guests the opportunity to learn, and they can only absorb the lessons offered in the seminar when it is held in a place that’s conducive to learning.

  1. The kind of audience will determine the logistical needs of the event.

Indeed, the “purpose” defines the event, but in terms of logistics, your guests will have the biggest say.

You need to weigh in the requisites of your target attendees. If you are targeting VIPs to a cocktail party, then it is a must that you arrange a VIP setup, and these includes blue-plate meals, a classy venue and other extra perks that will make them feel luxurious. Meanwhile, if you are hosting a children’s party, then you have to work on an event that’s highly festive and attractive to kids, such as a well decorated venue rental in Singapore, food that appeals to their appetite, and performances that will keep them entertained.

  1. Use tech platforms when promoting the event.

Expert planners nowadays make use of various communication channels to promote their events, and these include social media platforms such as Facebook. This is because through these channels they not only find people who are interested in their events, but it also becomes easier for them to track and update RSVPs.

Through online event promotions, target participants get the most recent updates about the activity in which they are invited to attend, such as the map and directions to get to the venue, and specific requisites such as time of the event and if there’s a dress code to be followed. In addition, if you intend to invite the same people to your upcoming events, then keeping them connected via social media would be the best way to go.



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