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How is Maple Syrup Made

Trees like sugar maple, red maple or black maple are the production hub of maple syrup. It is obtained from the xylem sap of these trees. The sap is stored in the trunk and roots of the trees during winter which gets converted to sugar in late winter and comes out as sap. The maple syrup is usually collected from the taps that are attached to the trees into a bucket or any suitable container. Once the collection is complete then begins the main process of turning the sap into good quality maple syrup.

Making of Maple Syrup

The trees produce sap during cold winterswhich is ready to be taken out during late winter. The sap is collected through a tap, and each tree can support one to three taps. The number of taps that a tree will support depends on the diameter of that tree. On an average, each tree produces 35 to 50 liters of sap per season, which lasts for four to eight weeks. That means each tree produces roughly around 12 liters of sap per day which after proper refining procedures come down to 7% of total sap.


Firstly the sap is collected and boiled without adding any chemicals to obtain pure maple syrup. The maple syrup is obtained by boiling the sap, between 20 to 50 volumes, on open fire until one volume of sap is obtained. The temperature is usually 4 degrees greater than the boiling point of water. Right amount of heat is essential to determine the sugar content of the syrup otherwise, it may end up being too watery or in a crystalline form. Then the syrup is filtered to remove the extra matter like sugar sand which, if not filtered, adds a gritty texture to the syrup.

Temperature is a very important factor during the refining procedure of maple syrup. There are various good companies like Maple Syrup Direct that deliver quality products right to your home. You can order quality maple syrup products online and live a healthy life.

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