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Hire a Motorhome – The Best Way to See America

Of all the different ways to see the USA, a self-driving RV holiday takes a lot of beating. This kind of holiday gives you complete freedom with your schedule, and with a wide range of routes to explore, it is possible to explore the vast lands at your leisure. There are no schedules to keep, or hotels to book, as your transport is also your accommodation. The money you save can be used for those special one-day tours, perhaps a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon, or a balloon ride over the Nevada Desert. So, if you want the comfort of luxury mobile accommodation, with the freedom to explore, an RV holiday is the way to go.

Value of money

Apart from the independence, a self-driving holiday saves you a significant amount on accommodation, which is the major part of any holiday budget. An RV holiday gives you quality living space, combined with the transportation to see the many places of interest, at an affordable price.


Camping is adventure

One of the biggest attractions with this kind of holiday is the adventure aspect. With a temperate climate, USA is an outdoor country, so campsites are everywhere, with all the amenities one would expect. Americans themselves are avid campers, so there are many campsites that provide all the facilities for a complete self-catering holiday.

A range of vehicles

There is a wide range of vehicles you can hire, depending on how many people are travelling in your party. A good campervan supplier will have vehicles that can accommodate up to six adults. Essential items like bedding, towels, cutlery, and crockery are all supplied, making your holiday self-sufficient. All cooking utensils are provided, and you can even hire fold-away bicycles to explore the immediate area at any time. There are several reputable RV rental companies online that can supply you with the ideal camper van.


Plan your route

America has something for everyone, with scenic coastal roads, or off-road adventures that give you the chance to experience the natural wonders. With such a large country, it pays to consider where to begin the adventure, and then depending on how much time you have, a route can be planned. If you really want to get the feel of America, you should take at least one month, allowing you to travel considerable distances without rushing.


There are so many different things to see and do that many people return year after year, captivated by the stark contrasts that nature provided. Your RV supplier will have information about attractions and places of specific interest, allowing you to plan a route that will give you the best holiday experience.

Large groups

Some families like to holiday together and this can be great fun, especially if you rent several units, and travel in convoy. With lots to see and do on the way, making friends is also part of the American experience, by meeting locals, and many other tourists that are also experiencing the delights America has to offer.


The ultimate experience

A three-month break from the normal routine would allow you to really have an insight into a land full of history and culture, making it a holiday of a lifetime!

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