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First Time Rafting in Europe? Check out These Destinations!

Not many things will give you an adrenaline rush as much as white water rafting. This sport has lately gained a lot onpopularity with adrenaline junkies and nature lovers who are looking for excitement. White water rafting expeditions will give you an amazing thrill while you strap on your vest and helmet and paddle through rough waters. Since most of the rafting destinations are located in the wilderness, away from civilization, this adventure will also provide a long wanted rest from the hustle of everyday work obligation. Here are some of the best rafting destinations in Europe, for both beginners and pros

Noce River, Italy

When the glaciers on the Brenta Dolomite Mountains in Italy start melting, they turn the Noce River into one of the most exhilarating rafting locationsin Europe. This rafting destination is definitely one of the most visited not just in Italy but also in whole of Europe. The longer part of the river is classified as containing3-4 class rapids, but close to the villages of Ossana all the way to Caldes it hasclass 5 rapids. This is a raftingjunkie’s paradise. TheNoce River also goes through amazing scenery, including an isolated valley with outstanding topography and nature.  If you have never visited Noce River, make sure you put it on your to-do list.Image result for First Time Rafting in Europe? Check out These Destinations!

Rhine River, Switzerland

This wild river in Switzerland goes through the Graubunden region and is approximately 20 kilometers long. The Rhine River stretches between the cities of Llanz and Reichenaucontains rapids which belong to classes 3 and 4. Its path goes through the enormousRuinaulta canyon, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The rough and spiky cliffs, the surging river and the amazing forest scenery adds to the excitement of white water rafting and you get a good recipe for adventure. Make sure to visit the Rhine and its scenery.

Tara, Montenegro

If you like to take on challenges and you also enjoy adventures, then look no further. Tara will provide you with an unforgettable experience through some of the most amazing scenery you have ever seen. Surging down Tara will give you an adrenaline rush and help you relax in nature. It is located in the second deepest river canyon in the world, right after the well-known Grand Canyon. The water is so pure that you can actually drink straight from the river. It contains rapids belonging to classes 3 to 5 r, and is most challenging during April and May, when the snow starts melting and the water level rises. If you want to find out more about what this great rafting location has to offer check out Tara Sport rafting for additional information on where to stay and other useful tips.

Inn River, Austria

This river is a branch of the amazing Danube River that goes all the way from Germany to the Black Sea. The Inn River boasts extraordinary white water rapids that will give you a thrill. The Landeck Canyon has classes 4 and 5 rapids which are not recommended for rafting beginners since they have powerful currents and narrow passes. The Imst part of the river might be more suitable for first time rafters or for those with little experience since it hasclass 3 rapids. The best time to visit the Inn River rapids is between May and September, the summer will make your Austria trip even more amazing.

Europe boasts some of the most thrilling rapids for white water rafting. When you count in the picturesquescenery and nature it canmake for a wonderful vacation. So see which one you like the most and go on an amazing e rafting adventureinEurope.

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