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Finding Entertainment When Visiting Miami

When you are on a vacation in Miami, finding things to do can be a very large challenge. You probably did your research ahead of time to find the local attractions and points of interest, but most vacations end up running too long and you find yourself just sitting by the pool waiting for your departure date. Most people completely overlook the simplest and most entertaining things to do while they’re in Miami, and that’s to take advice from the locals.

The locals who have lived in the Miami area for many years have weeded through all the different hangouts and points of interest to find the best places to relax and let off steam. This includes everything from beach locations to the hottest nightclubs, so finding out what the locals prefer can lead to a great time regardless of your preferences. Though you probably want to do some “touristy” things when you first arrive that the locals would scoff at, they can be very helpful when you’ve run out of things to do and are looking for a nice change of pace.


For Couples

Most couples who take a vacation to Miami are looking for fun in the sun and a very relaxing time. Though there is no shortage of endless beaches and white sand in Miami, you may find that the hustle and bustle of vacationing families can really take away from the ambience. Finding a nice private beach location that is suitable for couples can be a challenge, but fortunately one is pretty easy to find after asking around with the locals.

One of the most popular beaches for couples who want a private and intimate experience is Virginia Key which is located Key Biscayne. Though it is a short drive from Miami, this is the perfect place to go if you want to be hidden away from the rest of the world. The views from the beach at Virginia Key are breathtaking, and you will have a very romantic view of the sunset.


Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic night on the town or a group of singles out burning the midnight oil, finding the perfect bar or nightclub is very important to having a good time. When you travel to a city like Miami for your vacation, there is no end to the number of bars and nightclubs that will try to attract your business. However, unless you know where to go, you may end up finding the place leaving much to be desired.

Since the club scene changes so frequently in the Miami area, your best chances of finding a good nightclub is to ask the locals where they prefer to go. Many of the best nightclubs will off VIP service where they bring out your champagne with bottle sparklers shooting out colorful sparks and drawing all sorts of attention to your table. The best DJs and bartenders usually choose clubs that serve locals because they can grow a recurring customer base and have predictable turnouts every night. If you want the best Miami nightlife experience possible, asking the locals is the best route to take.

For Families

Though it may not be the first city that pops into your head when you think of a family vacation, Miami can actually be a lot of fun for couples who have children, too. Miami is only a short drive away from some of the best amusement parks in the country, and you are never too young to enjoy the vast amount of white sand beaches you will find everywhere you look in Miami. However, not all beaches are ideal to bring your family along, especially if you have young children. Though there are plenty of family-friendly beaches in Miami, it’s important to know where you’re going before you pack up your towels and head to the beach.

The general consensus for the best family beach in Miami is the Matheson Hammock Park Bach. One of the best features of this beach is that there is a man-made lagoon which is physically separated from the ocean yet is fed by the tidal movements of the nearby Biscayne Bay. This means you get all of the fun a being right on the ocean, but you have calmer water and zero chance of a feisty predator ruining your day. This beach is also fairly secluded, which means that you’ll have no problems keeping an eye on your kids while still enjoying a peaceful day at the beach.

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