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Enjoy The Hiking Trails In Kelowna During Summer Months

Kelowna is one of the most popular destinations in Canada that offer numerous tourist attractions to the travellers throughout the world. There are various things to do in Kelowna that will surely make your holiday really worth to money. There are various accommodation choices for tourists. Weather, wineries, fruits, orchards and the gardens are the top places to visit in Kelwona. Most of the accommodations offer wineries tours for the travellers. Among all the top activities you can do here, hiking is the most popular.

During the summer season, most of the travellers opt for the hiking trails in the surrounding hills and mountains. When you are staying in the Bed and Breakfast in Kelowna, you will surely be enjoying the hiking and biking; the hiking tours are really great and give you the most scenic activity you can do here. Here are some of the most popular hiking trails you can try in Kelowna.


Angel Springs:

The hiking trail here is about 4kms long. Though this spring is not meant for bathing. The mineral deposits and the geological forming are some of the interesting sights you can visit in Kelowna. This hiking trail is quite famous among travellers. This trail heads from the east side of the White Forest Service Road.

Big White Mountain:

Travellers take HWY 33 road to the Big White Turnoff. Drive your car to the resort nearby or at the nearby park. The tourists walk towards the alpine area of the mountain range. One of the best times to hike here is in the month of August. During this time, the tourists get the chance to see the alpine flowers.

Other places are Glenmore Valley Linear Park, Dilworth Mountain, Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park, Crawford Falls / Canyon Falls Park and the Dilworth Mountain. As one of the top accommodations to stay at, B&B Kelowna offers hiking tours for travellers.  Enjoy Kelowna and its trails to the fullest and get a good sleep when staying at a wide selection of bed and breakfast in town.

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