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El Cid Vacation Houses

An El Cid holiday resort may be the solution you’re looking for if you wish to visit lovely places in Mexico, particularly Mazatlan, Cancun and Cozumel. You’re certainly likely to benefit from the beaches together with fishing, golf and tennis using the resorts. Plus, you are able to participate using the several cultural occasions and activities through the whole year.


If you’re searching for a location where one can simply enjoy, this holiday resort may be the paradise you need to spend time in. This resort offers the good thing about Mazatlan, the Gem from the Off-shore, at its finest. The 300-day sunshine all year round is certainly going to help you to benefit from the gorgeous beaches. Amenities for example courses and tennis courts could make the sporty people over-blown up throughout their remain at the accommodation. For anyone who like to relax, you will find also bathhouses and restaurants and you’ll discover sheer pleasure.


You will find four kinds of vacation houses and condos within this resort. The first may be the Sevilla. Sevilla consists of the very first condos within this vacation place. It features a hacienda-style architecture that make you feel like you live in luxury. The second reason is the Cordoba. Cordoba is really a new chapter from the the resorts. It features a contemporary and modern style. Third may be the Marbella. It is recognized as the crown jewel from the resort because it provides spacious and classy houses. Lastly, this resort has Andalucia with a very modern style that overlooks beaches and also the waterfront.

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