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Chefchaouen: a beautiful city ready to be discovered

Chefchaouen is a city in Morocco famous for its blue and white buildingsthat turns this city into a great place to take pictures and something really nice to see. The blue city is a famous destination that many tourist that take the tours of Morocco decide to visit.

If you feel clueless and you don’t have idea where to start, ask to the Morocco Travel Agency for the blue city and they will show the Tours in Morocco that they have available. After you do that, be ready to start the journey.Image result for Chefchaouen: a beautiful city ready to be discovered

Chefchaouen is a city in northwest  Morocco. It is the chief town of the province of the same name, and is noted for its buildings in shades of blue. If you wonder why the city is blue there’s a reason and it’s not exactly because blue is Moroccan favorite color. The city was painted in this way because of the influence of the jewels that came on 1930 and with the color of their houses they tried to imitate the sky. Then, people started to think that it helped to keep away the mosquitoes. Actually, the color is still there and many tourist come for this reason to enjoy this beautiful city. So, you will feel like you were in the sky and you will be able to take pictures, isn’t that great?

Whenever you plan a Morocco Trip, you should know that Chefchaouen has plenty to offer fitness fanatics and those looking for adventure. Moreover, you can discover this city in one day as it’s not a big city. So, it would be better if you take a Tour of Morocco and you include many cities per day. You will be able to discover many cities of Morocco and you won’t waste your time just discovering one city –if you don’t take the Tour in Morocco this could happen-

One of the main cities are: the Uta el-Hammam square in which you will find the Mesquite and Alcazaba.In the main square you can find some restaurants and you can also go to buy some stuffs at the market.

When you enter the city you will find a big door that represents the architecture of the city. Tourists tend to take picture and welcome this beautiful city. If it’s the beginning of your Tour in Morocco it would be a great beginning. Feel free to ask questions to your Morocco Tour Operator about this city.

Then, if you want to discover a little more and buy nice things, you should go to the Medina. One of the entrances are decorated with animal skins. The zocos of the cities are small but they show the typical things of the city like leather.

Whenever you come into the city and you discover more it will be almost impossible not to fall in love with the blue and white houses, the stone arches and the amazing people you will meet there. So, it doesn’t matter the season; visitors are guaranteed incredible views.

If you love experiencing with food, this is the right place for you. Lovers of Tours in Morocco always share their opinions and expectations about this country, but if you are going to Chefchaouen this is what you need to take into account if you taste the traditional food of this city: the hundreds of spices, aromatic herbs, variety of textures and tantalizing smells. So, before starting Morocco Tours kick off your day with this amazing food. Also, you should definitely try the bread, is baked in a traditional wood-fire oven, which it gives a different taste.

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