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Bring Your Event to Life with these Fancy Technical Add-ons!

There are times when you have to start your event with a big surprise, something your guests would never expect. Apart from making the gathering extra-special, it’s also nice to be different when it comes to party setups every once in a while. People do like surprises, regardless if they admit it or not, and you can definitely make the whole event memorable if you give them that.

So how do you bring your event to life? Of course you can bring in a band to perform exclusively for your guests, serve great food, or do the party in an unusual location. But if you are looking towards more practical technical setups, then here are some creative add-ons to check out:


  1. Fog machine.

A fog machine is often used for on-stage events, such as shows and presentations. They open the event by adding a touch of suspense before the actual activity takes place, it be a dance performance or a theatrical number.

If you are doing a product launch or a fashion show, then a fog machine can help set the drama in the place. You may just have to coordinate with the function room in Singapore that you have selected for your venue so that they can provide you with the necessary support when using the fog machine.

  1. Bubble machine.

Another fancy way to make your event special is by turning on the bubble machine. Unlike fog generators, bubble machines are more preferred during birthday parties for children and young adults, as well as weddings and soirees. Bubbles make the room feel more romantic and playful, and your guests can relive their childhood reveries while dancing to the music being played.

Like fog generators, bubble machines may have to be installed in a specific manner. There are function rooms in Singapore that are familiar on how to set up and position the machines in strategic areas, it is best to coordinate with them beforehand.


  1. Confetti/party poppers.

Confetti setups may not be as technical as fog and bubble machines, but they are also great surprises during a celebration. What you need to do however is to gather as much confetti as you can and place them on higher ground, so that when released they will fall beautifully onto the floor.

Confetti and party poppers are great for inaugurations, birthday parties and weddings, especially when you are opting for a rather grand way of celebrating the occasion.

There are third-party vendors that provide confetti and party popper packages; you may have to make your orders in advance so that they too can prepare the amount of confetti to be used, and the type of installation to be made in the function room during the day of the event.

  1. Fireworks!

If you have the budget for a totally extravagant event, then you should definitely have your own fireworks displace on board. Fireworks displays are becoming more and more popular these days, as independent providers are now offering more exclusive fireworks shows for smaller types of events. You can hire them for a wedding, birthday, or just about any other event that you are currently brewing.

Since fireworks are done outdoors, it would be better if you consult your venue as to where can these be set up. You may also have to hold the fireworks display at a separate location but in such a place where the fireworks can be viewed perfectly from the venue. Indeed, the ocular work and preparation can be a big chore, but it does pay off when the fireworks are lit and burst their colours in the sky.




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