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Biograd, Dalmatia: The ultimate travel destination

Dalmatia has been a well known holiday destination since the 70s, especially with tourists from Netherlands, Italy and the U.K. The climate of the seaside locations is quite a Mediterranean one, providing warm bright climate throughout June, July and August. Package trip holidays have made their impact in one or two coastal cities but on the whole Dalmatia remains an unaffected pearl, which appeals mainly to independent travellers. Biograd is one of the most eye-catching town on the Dalmatian coast. Its Venetian appearance is underlined by the number of Italian speaking residents and excellent Italian restaurants. After a day spent on one of the beautiful beaches in the region, Biograd is just the place to spend a summer evening. Looking at photos, you really can not tell the difference between the coastline and coastlines of Biograd with that of Italy. The beaches are perfect with its crystal blue waters, pearl white sand, and rocky surroundings. For those hankering after an unspoilt vacation location close to home, Biograd is simply under 2 hours away from the UK by plane.


For a nice summertime vacation in Biograd, you simply have to sample some of the local cuisine which can only be described as fresh and sophisticated. Very much like Mediterranean food, it relies heavily on seafood and the regional produce such as olives and truffles but likewise wholesome meat such as lamb or goat. As a testament to the city’s long Italian heritage, there are still many Italian taverns which serve special dishes.

Biograd area provides a variety of lodging options: camps, private rooms, apartments, cheap hostels and hotels. There are many good camping areas on the coast. However, wild outdoor camping is not allowed. Private lodging is boosting in popularity and can be reserved over the Internet. Booking private accommodation, you normally reserve only over night because the majority of private accommodation owners do not offer morning meal and other dishes. Hotels have excellent standards. Those primarily offer breakfast included, even though you can discover some that offer all-inclusive programs. For details of available hotels and apartments in Biograd please use this link. Dalmatia ‘s climate is warm and pleasant in the summer, but cools down in October, so if you go to then you will should check the weather condition before you venture out.

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