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Becoming A Certified Scuba Diver  

Think about all the times that you want to scuba dive, whether you are on a adventure or enjoy it as a hobby scuba diving can be a lot of fun. In order to scuba dive you must pass a PADI certification course. The course will teach you about basic knowledge of scuba diving. It will teach you about open water dives and confined water dives. The course will also teach you what kind of gear to buy and underwater signals. So lets take a closer look at becoming a certified scuba diver.


It is very important to make sure you are in a healthy position before scuba diving. Believe it or not scuba diving is a sport and just like any other sports you need to be in good physical shape. That is why it is best to exercise and eat right not only for scuba diving but in general. So check with your doctor to make sure you are in good shape and don’t have any medical issues.

Finding the right place

The First thing is to look for a scuba diving academy. It is in your best interest not to go too far out of your town to find the right Scuba diving course. Before moving in to anything you must pass a perquisite and that is the swim test which is required to demonstrate that you have the ability to swim. This is kind of obvious as you need to be able to swim in order to scuba dive. It will make it more convenient for you and easier to get too.

The next thing is you want to make sure you have found the right instructor. This will make it easier for the two of you to get along and share ideas. Now the price is a big factor. You always want to make sure it is something you can afford. Don’t spend too much on a class just use the right amount. Also you can practice at your local swimming which most of the time is free.

I did find this one company that’s highly rated on TripAdvisor and Facebook that offers PADI certification courses. They’re in Hawaii and their courses and pricing should give you a solid idea of what to expect or how much to budget for. They offer everything you need for lifetime certification.


When you pass the course you will receive a C-card or a diving certification card. This is a card that authorizes you to book a scuba diving trip. The card will list your name and photo. It will also list the name and logo of the organization that has authorized you the card. It will also list the certification reference or serial number and the type of certification. An example of the different types would be basic, ope water, advanced, etc. The card will also list the date of certification and the name of the name of the instructor and his/her registration number.

This card is essential to renting equipment or giving permission to dive at resorts or charter boats. Once you have gotten this far congratulations! You are able to buy or rent scuba equipment and you are able to book dive trips. Scuba diving can be fun but needs to have some practice and dedication.

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