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American Shopping: More till You Can Take in Houston

As it goes to show, the tourists come to Houston for quality clothes form the world-famous designers. As it happens, the command centers of the biggest world corporations are situated here. The owners of these companies live in the richest city districts. The women here are favorite clients of the local Fashion Houses. It is no surprising that the representatives of the best design brands opened their shops in Houston. Have you ever visited Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and others? The prices are attractive and adequate.

The local shops, malls and outlets attract tourists with the wide assortments of presented goods. It has been said that the best shopping places are New York and Houston. You can easily check it!


Specialized Stores

The most popular American stores are: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. As well as these are the best fashion shops in the city, where you are pleased to stay, try on or look out a dress for party, they are available to contact them online. It is very comfortable to get the information about price policy, assortment, and sales.

Oh, do not forget to say that you tourist in Macy’s! They give you a special card with additional sale. Shopping in America, do not worry about the quality and originality. If you decided that this dress does not suit you – you can turn it back with ease.

Katy Mill Mall

The popular retail and leisure complex lies 25 miles away from Down Town. The trade center was opened in 1999, containing more than 200 specialized shops on a huge territory. The building was comfortably constructed in a circle about 1 mile long. You can find AMC Theatres – huge cinema complex with more than 20 movie halls inside, and different attractions, such as hip hop floor, spinning ride, bouncy castle. There is also a food-court – more than 20 little fast food restaurants all together.

Katy Mall is a place, where you can spend the whole day with your family. You should know that Katy is the second popular trade center by size and attendance. There are many cheap shops there, pay attention to Burlington, a mass of footwear shops, book store and jewelry departments. The center working hours are 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. To conclude, you can buy all that you can wish for – T-shirts, hats, souvenirs, jewelry, books and toys.


The Galleria

The best-visiting place in Houston is The Galleria, which is situated in Up Town area. Generally speaking, the huge complex contains two high hotel buildings – Westin Galleria and Westin Oaks, financial business center Galleria Financial Center. The general territory is huge with the parking and shopping mall areas. More than 400 different shops are placed here. You can find shops of different profiles, including luxury boutiques and cheap souvenir shops.

Just imagine: more than 40 million people visit this place every year. What is more, the prices here are next lower order than somewhere else. The first floor is zone of restaurants and cafes. Do you want more entertainments? Welcome to skating rink and play grounds. Though, Americans like visiting gallery not only for shopping, as you guessed it. They like walking here, spending interesting with the whole family. There is a big free parking.

What can you buy in Galleria? As a rule, you are free to choose. You can buy all that you can wish for according to your budget. Anyway, you cannot pass by fashion boutiques, footwear departments, book store, souvenirs shop and jewelry department. Do you want to know what real American shopping means? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Phoenicia Foods

Do you really miss yoghurt, cottage cheese, or red caviar? Welcome to this tasty place! The assortment is really wide. The prices are little higher than in the nearest supermarkets. You can meet this amazing place just once in your life. This is not only food shop, but interesting place to eat. Different kinds of food are waiting for your visit: salad bar, pizza, sweet pastry. The quality-to-price ration is at the level. There is a little secret for all tourists, visited Houston repeatedly. They chose hotels not far from the center to come for dinner to Phoenicia Foods.

Come here for breakfast, dinner or supper! The food is always fresh. You can also taste different sorts of wines here. Hearty meal and free drinks – what else did you expect?

Memorial City Mall

The better part of Americans likes shopping in the City Mall. Traditionally, you can go shopping with your friends or with your family. Your kids will like skating here. You have a chance to watch films and have dinner in one of numerous restaurants. This is the place to visit once a month to have the sense of feast. The shops of all kinds are situated here. The only one problem is small parking zone against the background that this is the most crowded place in the city.2

Rice Village Shops

Having some time before your flight, take your chance to spend your time in Rice Village. This is the little town of boutiques and cafes. It is considered to be the unique place to walk about the shopping territory, enjoying food. Take a big interest of chocolate and pan cakes! It is difficult to find another cute place for having fast and comfort shopping in Houston than Rice Village. It is really lot of fun. You can run from shop to shop, viewing with rare and interesting things. The variety of shops is impressive: cute souvenirs and standard MAC cosmetics or Victoria ‘s Secret.

As it always has been, it is better to travel by car in Houston. Traditionally, if you are tourist and you are going to travel without car – your trip is lost. Rental car services in Houston know everything about shopping, mean it! One way or another, American shops are characterized with high quality, rich choice and excellent service. The prices are really attractive!

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