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5 Reasons City-Dwellers Flock to the Mountains

Almost every city dweller craves nature and not without a reason. In fact, reasons that one might desire to swap the concrete blocks of a city jungle for a calm, fresh-aired, soothing atmosphere are those of many. So what is it about natural tree shades and cool grass under our feet that drives us wild? How is this a question?

  1. Beauty – Simple as it sounds, this is one of the most popular reasons a city-dweller chooses to set out into the wild. The beauty we see in the natural world around us has been with us since the dawn of time. When our ancestors decided to build the first ever shelter for safety, during the daytime, they could still enjoy natural sights right outside their doorstep. Nowadays, we have closed ourselves within our shelters, allowing the trees to merely act as ambassadors to nature, within small bodies of city parks. Even the insanely large Central Park of New York is a meager example of manmade art – not a forest, not truly. When miles of forests, mountain ranges and bodies of water are the only thing to be surrounded with, we get back to our roots, immediately being drawn by the appeal of everything that the Earth itself created.
  1. Time – The concept of time is very different in the mountains – the only deadline you have to meet is the nightfall. Naturally, when one learns how to tell time without a watch, he is constantly aware of the time of the day. That being said, if you choose to leave your watch back at home, you’ll learn more about the very concept of time. You will also rediscover the concept of “free time”. And that free time does not necessarily have to mean downing a pint in your favorite London pub with your mates. It could mean more. In the mountains, you are your own boss.
  1. Sustainability – We live in a culture that propagates that we never have enough – we strive for more money to buy things that we do not exactly need. In the mountains, however, you always know exactly how hungry you are and when to stop eating; and even if you didn’t, overeating is virtually impossible in the nature – there is just about enough of everything, not much more.
  1. Self-dependency – If you ever get too drunk, too tired or too lazy to walk back home in your city, you can always take a cab, a bus or another means of transportation. In the mountains, you are on your own – you cannot simply choose not to walk back – you absolutely have to. This kind of dependency is the way it should be – we have given ourselves too much control, underestimating the power of nature, forgetting that the nature is the one who dictates the pace of our lives. Many people choose to teach themselves self-dependency. Sydneysiders may live right by the ocean, but even they feel the need to tour the Blue Mountains every so often.
  1. Asceticism – Only the few choose to drop their lives of convenience and surrender themselves to the lack of comfort and control. While in the mountains, you have no other option, but to surrender these. You might think “What have I gotten myself into?” in the moments of hardship, but after you are safe and sound again, you will greatly cherish this experience.

We think we are aware of the sheer vastness and magnitude of mountain ranges, but live experience is something else. Let your eyes feast upon an ocean or a mountain at least every once a while.

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